Asset Tracking FAQs

How is installation of the Solar Device done?

Installation is a snap, under 2 minutes to install with VHB tape. If using Magnets, it literally slaps and track.

How is it possible that the device battery will last 10 years?

The device is built with a solar panel that charges the internal Lithium Ion Battery. With just 2hrs of indirect or direct sunlight, the battery is constantly being charged maximizing the battery life and the device capabilities.

What are the most common assets that customers track?

Our customers are utilizing our device to track a wide range of Mobile Assets including; Trailers and Chassis, Containers/Bins, Mobile Signage, Construction Equipment, Farm or Agricultural Equipment and a host of other assets.

How long has Black Tiger GPS been in business?

Black Tiger GPS and ownership team have been providing GPS Tracking solutions since 2007. The online distribution of GPS products provided are PTCRB certified and AT&T network certified.

Does this device only report once a day or do I have more options?

Black Tiger’s Solar Device provides you with a configuration that allows for Motion/No Motion Wake and provides data in 15 min increments while in motion. The ability for the device to provide location-based data regularly allows you to unlock the capabilities of the application providing you cutting edge reporting and other business intelligence. In short, you can track more than most providers allow or provide.

Can I use the Solar Powered Device on cars or vehicles?

We recommend that you utilize the Solar Powered Device on the listed variety of Mobile Assets suggested. We do not recommend the use on cars or vehicles.

How is the device and application data stored?

Our applications are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud providing you with industry-leading data security.

Does Black Tiger GPS provide technical and customer support?

Yes Black Tiger GPS provides online technical and customer support. Our support team is located within the United States and is company trained. We do not utilize overseas customer support.

Is there a contract or can I cancel at any time?

There are never any contracts with Black Tiger. Once you purchase the device hardware you pay a small monthly fee for service. If you choose to cancel your service at any time there are no Early Termination Fees or buyouts.

Solar Powered Asser

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